The Mental Fitness Challenge & The Life You’ve Always Wanted

27 Jan

The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) is here, and it is an adventure like no other.

Developed by seven of the country’s top leadership gurus, nationally acclaimed speakers, and personal transformation experts, with NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady leading the way (visit their highly acclaimed blogs here: ( and ), this program will awaken the mind and change lives.

The MFC is a rare, comprehensive personal development program that provides those struggling with the opportunity to “Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted.”

Consisting of a variety of new materials combined with updates of materials that have proven timeless and effective year after year, the MFC format is presented as three modules – one for each month – that are packaged in stylish, protective casing.

The MFC is strategically and effectively designed to exercise the mind and teach success thinking in the thirteen aspects of life covered in Orrin Woodward’s book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. For 90 days, a mere three months of life, anyone has the chance to make an investment that offers a lifetime of returns.

This 90-Day Challenge never ends. Sure, the Challenge itself will only take 90 days to complete, but unlike a new diet or exercise boot camp, the transformation achieved is permanent. The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) will certainly require work, dedication, and persistence. There are no promises for instant results or miracles of any kind, but with faithful adherence to the program, thought processed will be renewed.

This program is a journey for the heart and an awakening for the mind. Shortly after beginning the MFC, students will start to see a new light and will approach life differently. The founders of the MFC have mentored thousands of men, women, entrepreneurs and couples and have witnessed the amazing potency of these materials.


Ask yourself this: “What did your life look like 90 days ago? One hundred eighty days ago? A year ago? Notwithstanding life changes involving loved ones, jobs, or homes, how does your life look today compared to then? Now, ask yourself this: How COULD your life look 90 days from now?”

Imagine the possibilities, and then take the Challenge and find out! For every failing marriage, frustrated parent, hopeless addict, bankrupt home, or faith-starved man or woman, the MFC has the capacity to teach, motivate, and assist one with implementing the necessary changes in the right areas of life, the impact of which will last a lifetime.

Information credited to the Writer Wendy Branson :


The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

  • LIFE Business: Something Right 
Do you know anyone who invested into Microsoft in 1978?
We have this family to thank for making the Computer
accessible by almost every family in almost every home all
over the world.
Life launched 11/1/2011′
Are you ready for the Next Generation of Internet Technology?
(Time to join the community who create wealth by utilizing compounding principles).
Compounding is the 8th wonder in the world. 
We have all heard of Compound Interest by taking mortgages on our homes.
If we follow the same principles as banks do when earning wealth, we can then see how building communities can also create a “Passive-Residual-Income” by the same principles.
(“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”
Every home by now has one, two or even three computers.
Every one has 25 to 2,500 people in their 2 to 20 networks
ranging from facebook to twitter, and from linkedin to youtube.
The next generation of
entenpreneurship has arrived.
The right Information applied smartly by following or
copying the leaders who have proven results is the key
to successful network marketing.
Welcome to the trend setters who have combined the
4 top-leading trends into one unique opportunity. 
Life has placed itself right in the center.
EQUALING these: Four Industries consists of
Personal Development ($400 billion industry),
Networking ($100 billion industry),
Life Coaching ($1.5 billion industry),
Community Building (church, social networking, other organizations).
Life has merged all four industries into a World-Class Compensation Plan with Personal & Leadership Development that deals with 8 critical areas of peoples life: ( Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends, Fun ).
– Freedom to have more Time and Money –
Now if you are not involved in a community to create wealth for your future and the future of your children, then you are still living in the 20th Century model of business. 
You may still probally banking your retirement on a Pension Plan from your job or relying on Social Security.


Welcome to the 21st Century where even the average or non-educated person can now
create wealth by utilizing Team-Approach.
It just gets even better!
SEPERATE YOURSELF FROM THE HERD: Too Many People Are Truely Hurting!
Who are the 99%’s struggling? = > & JOIN THE PACK:
Be an original Character
and Join the Next Revolution!
It is ok to fight for your Dreams.
Many times we will be criticized for doing something bold.
Before we take advice from our friends, coworkers or family members, let’s first check to see if the people doing the Criticism has the results we are looking for. Most criticism comes from people without the fruit on the tree.
                                                                      WELCOME TO THE INFORMATION AGE

*L*I*F*E* Offers the right information for us to reach our dreams. Most people are looking for financial freedom!
If Knowledge is Power, then Information is Knowledge.
We could also say Power is Freedom…
So, The Right Information Applied Smartly Will Ultimately Lead Us To Freedom !
Therefore, having access to the right information and utilizing it at the right time will give us the most power.
Welcome to the Information Franchise Community
(This B-Type Business can be done as a Single Person, Married Couple, or a Single Parent, Man or Woman)
Although,  information alone is useless if we do not apply it.
But, if we make a habit Living Intentionally For Excellence,
we will understand that applying the knowledge of information can make our dreams come true.
The right Information if applied at the right time busts down the

doors which hold us back from achieving our Goals or Dreams, and Our Wants and Desires.

Inspirational Information
Most Leadership Professionals or Guru’s like John Maxwell, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Sally Helgesen would cost up to $1,000 for us to sit, watch and listen to them speak.
That would be World-Class Information and probally worth the value. Lets say we had a ticket to see them for free, we got all fired up and thought it was the best information that we have ever heard…
We admitted that we learned something about ourself. Therefore, we could assume that we were teachable.
We could also assume that we could apply it in our life.
It all boils down with the DESIRE to CHANGE! Change is Hard and it usually takes a lot of pain before someone steps out of their comfort or familuar zone…
…If we do not like the results we are getting in life, or where our financial situation is, we will have to have the Hunger to discipline ourself enough to be willing to change in order to resolve our issues!
Luckily, the right information is now available from people with Credentials; also, there is a system to produce the results we are looking for.
LIFE Was created by the #7 & #12 Leadership Guru’s (of 2011′ ).
2011′ Recognition top 30 Guru’s ( #7 Orrin Woodward & #12 Chris Brady):
(Life has been evolving into what it is today for over 19 years of development).
We now have access to World-Class Information. We now have a System to plug into at the lowest cost available. It even gets better because we now have the means for the average-person to create unlimited Wealth. So, not only are we plugged into World-Class Information, we do not have to pay $1,000 & not even $50.00 to see one of these Top Leadership Guru’s. Plus, we have access to other great Leaders who have a proven success track record.
That Alone Is Value In Knowledge.
No other Company has “TWO” of the Top Leadership Professionals in one company.
What is better is they own their Business and we plug into it to create wealth.
We dont need to find a business to apply our Information.
All we do is copy them by Unification of Duplication and Association.
We are expanding our Community and looking for people who have the drive to
We Establish Wealth by building a (B-Type Business) or A Pipeline of Passive-Residual-Income.
The True Definition of WEALTH is how long can we sustain a living – should our Monthly Income stop!
A LOT of people would probably run out of money and possibly loose the roof over their head within the first Year. Some who rent would be lucky to last 3 months before eviction proceedings.
By joining a Community that has the Right Products and Information,
using the Right System, to Produce the Right Results will resolve most issues that we are dealing with.
With the Right Information L*I*F*E* can help you in these following catigories:
Faith, Family, Fitness, Freedom, Friends, Finance, Following, & Fun.
The reason to Join this Community is to HAVE FUN, MAKE MONEY, MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Life has merged all four industries into a World-Class Compensation Plan
with Personal & Leadership Development that deals with 8 critical areas of peoples life:
– Freedom to have more Time and Money –
If you are looking for a Hand-“Out” then L*I*F*E* is not for you.
However, if you are looking for a Hand-“Up”then LIFE is a Business for Self-Improvement of the 8 F’s.
Also, TEAM — (a Leadership Development Business) teaches us how to operate and manage
our business which has  a World Class Compensation Plan.
Merged together, TEAM-LIFE is a B-Type Business. That is Content, Commerce,
and the People utilizing the Team-Approach method is the Community. Based on the two concepts of (Michael Dell’s – 3C’s) (Content & Commerce / Community)
&   (Robert Kiyosaki’s – Cash Flow Quadrant).
B-Type Business which simply states that we utilize a system like that of large corporations such as McDonalds or Walmart. However, we do not have to pay the large sums of money. But the principle is bacically the same.
Best explained is like you yourself doing something can only add to your progress.
But, if we utilize a community, our hours are multiplied, not added.
Image Detail
Creating Wealth by Team Approach
If you want to have enough money to buy a dream-house or to be able to donate to church or charity of your choosing, then we will need to utilize the right information to change our current projectory.
It is all in the Source of our Information.
Here is what LIFE does for us! Define what you want ( this includes Dream-Building of a better life );
Learn how to get there ( this includes getting the right information );
Do what it takes to make your Dreams a reality ( this includes plugging into a system that has proven results by means of Goal Setting : Plan-Do-Check-Adjust )…
A Mentor and the Community are with you all the way and you are never abandoned.
It is not too late for the 99%’rs to create a steady stream of wealth!
We understand that people are hurting and looking for work and trying to do everying in their power to hang on to what they do have. Luckily, this business runs at the minimal cost that has the potential of the highest reward.
Unfortuanaly some the 99%’rs, who are waiting for someone to help them by means of a hand-out or maybe Congress will do something; there is not much we can do for them unless they are willing to change their thinking.
So, we are looking for the 99%’rs who are driven for success but just seem to have been put into their situation by listening to the information of the 20th Century Thinking. This is by no fault of their own.
They simply were taught to believe that their job was secured.
We encourage you to take a look into this.
So, alot of us in this Community are also the 99’rs, but, we are being proactive and 
doing something that will change our outcome before it is too late.
A lot of men and women from all over the Country have lost sight of their “DREAMS” they once had so long ago.
Dont wait until it is too late:
We all were taught to: Go to School, Get Good Grades, and Get a Job that will accept you with your qualifications.
How much money you make will determine your lifestyle.
(That is Industrial Age Thinking).
Look how that is now working out. Not too well by Industry Standards.
Now, some may very well had landed a great job being a Doctor or Lawyer Etc…
There is nothing wrong with that.
Alot of these people just can’t find the time to even spend with their families because they are working 60 hours a week.
Some people are Self-Employed of which we applaud you for your courage and taking action to be self-sufficient.
However, alot are even working more hours then when they were employed.
Maybe we are on the other side of the spectical and just trying to make ends meet.
We live from paycheck to paycheck and figuring just how to keep the household running.
We wake up every day broker (by interest added to our credit card debts) then when we went to bed.
So we either have to Sacrifice our time from our families to earn more money,
or we have to sacrifice money to spend more time with our family and loved ones or just to enjoy life;
but, we can never have both.
That model is actually backwards.
So, if you want to live within your means, then go to school, get good grades and your job will determine where your life is going to be. This is 20th Century thinking.  It worked well in the Industrial Age.
Welcome to the 21st Century Information  Age
So, people have tried to make it with the Internet and some have tried Network Marketing.
Although, some are great and make it big.  It is not for everyone because the Success rate is less than 50%.
It is really not because they failed, rather, they gave up and quit.
By, not all the fault can be blamed by them because they just did not have a system to produce results.
Now, we are not critizing the people or the business model.
But, the system is what it is.
The standard Model of Network Marketing, MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing
(Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing)…
Usually the leader helps the people who have got the drive to build depth. Unfortuniately, not everyone are hot-shots nor do they have the tools needed to master the skills needed. Lets be honest, not all of us are great communicators. So, some times the Leader himself lacks the knowledge that is needed pass on to their students. Therefore, it can be like the blind leading the blind. It does and can work but the success ratio is not in our favor.
this is Vital toYour Success:
Our Product is World-Class Information that can change your life

all you need to do is apply it.
(Simply put, our product is you, only improved)
It can change your standard of living, and just about any type of situation you are
dealing with in any of the 8 f’s of life.
We help you in your Personal Development by being plugged into a system
for Self-Improvement and Personal Growth.
We are a Community who have LEARNED that our potential IS UTILIZING A FREE MENTOR
(from our UPLINE) & the source of the “INFORMATION.”
(special note: by utilizing or working with your (FREE) mentor, all these traits
such as communication, posture, confidence, and understanding the
principles of leadership can be taught with the right system and then applied).
Hence, by “TEAM-APPROACH”, by duplicating the success of people
who trampled the path is like being coached by Leaders who themselves have been coached by leaders before them.
Reguardless the reason, TEAM offers the tools to make your Dreams Reachable. TEAM is the Leverage needed to Succeed in LIFE. All working in Sync will bring time and wealth back to you by “Team-Approach.”
The Community, Together Everyone Achieves More
The money is just the bi-product of getting results that can help us retire in Years instead of Decades. We teach you how to work your money, rather your money working you. Being on a fixed income (your take home pay), limits you on what you can do, how you can do it, and where your future is going to take you.
The requirements of being a Life-Member:
1). We have to have Ambition
2). We are Teachable
3). We are Willing to Step Out of Our Comfort Zone
4). We are Honest with Ourself and Others…
Where has your current Road-Map taken you?
Where is your Current Destination?
Where do you predict you will be in 5, 10 or 25 years from now?
So, if we were plugged into the right system, then our results will change significantly.
We build this on our spare time. Even if we have no time to do this business, we can find time to read wisdom materials 15 minutes a day, listen to cd’s while we are driving to work, and we will teach you everything you need to know on YOUR NEW BUSINESS. You own it, Operate it, and Work it at Your Pace.
Usually we spend 3 to 5 hours a day watching T.V. of which brings us no richer or we dont learn anything out of it. Most of us spend $6.00 – $9.00 a day on unhealthy eating or drinking of fast foods or coffee shops. These two scenerios can find time and help towards paying for this business while you are still working your job.
All we need to do is to delay our gratification and sacrifice some things that we think we have to have. In the long run, we will have a life-time of those things back.
Too many of us expect to get rich quick by investing near to nothing. Well, good luck with those kinds of ponzi schemes.
As for getting rich quick, that is not what we are about.
However, if we think about how much it costs for a Degree
or a Certification into a Special Field,  or a College or University,
those prices are in the $1,000 and $10,000.
Our costs dwarf in comparison to those figures by 1/10 to 1/100’s the cost.
So, once we decide that we are willing to invest into our personal
development and have the desire to change our thinking,
we can create wealth by being plugged into a system.
So, for only 2 – 5 years of steady work a few hours a week,
while being coached on the way, we now have an avenue to creating wealth.
Even if it took us 7 years, wouldn’t it be worth doubling, tripling,
or even adding one or two more (,)’s to  our annual or monthly income?
(There is no upscale limit on how much you can make in this profession).
Unlike your job, there is no ceiling caps on your wages.
I would say that is better than the average person investing into Wall-Street.
So, rather you consider two to 5 years quick or slow, your only other chance would be
winning the lottery or a winfall. I will take my chances investing into my knowledge to
better myself which alone is “PRICELESS.”
This is where LIFE comes in. Teaching you how to Live
L*I*F*E* (Living-Intentionally-For-Excellence). We focus on the right information that is vital for getting results people are looking for. By expanding the community we help one household at a time. Can you find yourself in need of improvement in any of these areas: Faith, Family, Fitness, Freedom, Friends, Finance, Following, & Fun
It may be just me, but Myself, I found that I need help in all 8 areas.
Now, It is as simple as owning your own Business for less then $140.00 to get started;
you will get a Starter-Kit which is a Valuable Asset and a great reference to go back to from time to time to refresh your knowledge. You will also have your own website that is the key to running your business. You will also sit down with a Life Member, and Our Mentor to find what exactly you want to achieve and where do you want to be in just a few short years. Now, this is where you decide how big your dream is going to be? What do you Want?  Where do you want to go? We will put a game plan together. We can help you work towards living your Dreams you want and once had.
You can now start to create new dreams you want to have in your L*I*F*E*!
Being a LIFE-Member, we start Living-Intentionally-For-Excellence!
By Team-Approach, as a TEAM we build the Communities together.
We are never working alone.
You will never be abandoned unless you abandon yourself.
Together Everyone Achieves More.
Team Members who have become leaders
have added another ( , ) to their Annual Income.
Leadership is teachable,
(how much money you make is based on your performance; therefore, how far you succeed is up to you).
Lets get our time back and retain control of our money.
Is it Time you are looking for, or More Time? Is it Money, or More Money you would like to have?
Now, I cannot promise you anything; although, I can say,
“Success is on the other side of our Comfort-Zone.”
The best trait to have is AMBITION…
…The most important requirement is to have a DREAM large enough to make it worth the Journey!
LIFE is all over the North America (USA & CANADA).  Someone Somewhere is going to ask you about this.
It is only a matter of time before someone will ask you HAVE YOU GOT A DREAM? and we will help you achieve it by this awesome Community called L*I*F*E* OUR GOAL IS TO GO TO A MILLION PEOPLE!
Thank you for Investing Your Time into reading this.
 Our success is you achieving your Dreams!
Lets first become friends, then we will find your specific
Now, if you are not interested in building a Business and Creating Wealth, but would like to know more about a certain catigory of life, you can still purchase or subsribe to materials.
LIFE offers material to help improve in relationships or parenting skills, financial management, and leadership developmnet. You can purchase information at a very low cost. There are never any obligitaions or contracts for purchasing  information. ________________________________________
If you want to know more, give me a shout:
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